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Hi, my name is Chihiro Hori and I am a freelance medical translator & health advisor! From my experience living overseas, it can be very tough, confusing and lonely when you don’t fully understand the local language and culture. I was lucky to meet helpful people around me and now it is my chance to give hand to those who need my help. As a qualified nutritionist with a background of nursing, I have combined my interest in linguistics and the medical fields to offer support in an area that is often missing in society…


If you are either looking for ENG-JAP translator/interpreter services, or are searching answers for your physical and/or mental conditions without going to doctors and taking medicines, you have come to the right place.

‘TIME’ is something we cannot buy from anyone nor anywhere and is something we value a lot. There is so much freedom in life when we choose to live so.

Chihiro Hori

Medical Translation

Do you live in Japan and are worried that you may not understand what your doctor is going to tell you due to the language barrier? My expertise in general translation/interpretation as well as specialised medical translations including documents, medical reports, drug tests and more.

Health Advice

Are you feeling fatigue for no reason? Do you want to feel healthier? Do you enjoy exercising? If you have been wanting to change your life style but are unsure where to start, you are already doing the right thing by visiting this site! Simply contact me and we will discuss what your next step is from here.

Medical translator/interpreter

I offer a wide range of translations from medical training materials, clinical results, drug data sheets, clinical documentations to general translations such as business documents, software localisations and more.

Since January 2019, I have completed several projects on different platforms as well as worked with clients privately. As I have taken opportunities to work with a variety of clients from all over the world, it has been a wonderful journey to be a part of their projects. 

Health Advisor

Meal Plans

Do you want to find out how to meet your daily nutrient requirements as well as what food fuel your body best? We can make meal plans depending on your schedule and requirements. The overall goal is to find balance in your life!

Food Education

You will find out which nutrients your body requires more than others depending on your health status. Simply, slowly and small changes are the key for a positive impact on your health, and overall well-being.

Workout Scheduling

Being able to perform at your best state without losing your motivation can be learned here. Together, we will find the very best methods to incorporate achievable and realistic exercise into your lifestyle while ensuring sustaining results. Start with a small and achievable step slowly.

About Me

Meet Chihiro,

Translator & Professional Health Coach


I have always been a big eater without many foods that I disliked. Having interests in food and health led me to pursue my tertiary study in nutrition and medical fields at University. After completing my second degree, I realised my potential in the translation field. While keeping my passion for health & nutrition, I made the transition to a more linguistic focused approach and became a medical translator/interpreter.

Since I first left Japan not knowing any English to coming back to Japan after 15 years, my knowledge not only about language, but also about culture has broadened widely. This helps me to deliver translations in Japanese as well as in English with a background of cultural understanding.

How I eat healthy myself?

My number one rule is to eat how local people eat in the area! When I am in Japan, I try to buy a variety of vegetables grown as local as possible. This rule of course applies when I travel to other countries. This way, I can get the most fresh food while supporting the local farmers and eating less processed food.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!




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